Kırkağaç Gıda

The Company entered the Food Industry as the Sesler Group by beginning the import of sesame on an area of 300m2 in 1999 and started thinking what it could contribute to the industry beyond the accustomed traditions. By venturing beyond the impossibles in the Tahini Halva Sector and after a 4-year of R&D the company pioneered in production of cream halva with the TAHONEZ brand. We have set an example for our fellow colleagues and became a leader overcoming the impossibles by integrating this product into the foodstuff code, which was missing in the food literature. Currently, the production of Tahonez Cream Halva, Tahini Halva, Tahini, Molasses, Jam, Honey, Cocoa and Pure Hazelnut Cream varieties are being producedin various weights by Sesler Group under such brands as KIRKAĞAÇ, TAHONEZ, TAHONELLA, ŞOKO BEN, ŞOKO HAPPY, ŞOKO MAXI, on a new area of 1700 sq.m. and marketed by Kırkağaç Gıda throughout our country and abroad by means of catering / collective consumption and other retail sales points. Our company has obtained all necessary scrupulouness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide production in a quicker and more hygienic way by exploring beyond the traditions and customs and keeping up with the quickly changing and developing technologies worldwide and continue to present you, our clients and consumers, with new flavors under the motto “The most joyous time for breakfast”.The Kırkağaç Gıda and Brand is a subsidiary of Sesler Group.